Our Difference

Pure Palm Dates are 100% Grown and Packed in the USA.

At Pure Palm Dates we believe this is the difference for ensuring quality and consistency in
meeting the needs of our customers. Hand-picked fresh from our palms to you. Pure Palm Dates
is your one- stop shop for all conventional and organic dates, which are available year- round
in multiple pack sizes.

What sets us apart

  • Family owned and operated
  • Personal and Attentive Service
  • Excellent Size and Taste
  • Increasing Organic Acreage
  • One-Stop Shop for All Your Date Needs
  • Reduced Inventory Cost, Low Minimum/ Frequent Deliveries
  • Sustainably Grown, Ultra-Clear, Widely Recyclable Packaging
  • Large Industrial Division, Supplying Paste and Chopped Dates for Bars and Cereals

Customer Service

Customer service is always top of mind. We strive to always answer the call for our customers, partners, and friends. With excellent service, we are able to keep customers coming back for more and continue to grow sales and relationships. A definite win-win!


From our sustainability practices, our harvesting and packaging operations, to the tender love and care we take with all of our products, the quality always stands out.


A one-stop shop for dates means all our product is under one roof. This ensures a more efficient and on time pick-up. Pure Palm Dates can deliver products nationwide. We work with our customers to maximize efficiency and meet any of their logistical needs.


At Pure Palm Dates we know that not all channels of business have the same needs, which is why we partner closely with our customers. Whether it be for retail, wholesale or industrial use. We know what the consumer needs of that particular channel are and have the right packaging formats and product styles to delight the consumer!